Offer Clients
Your Undivided Attention

Gentle timer for online therapy sessions making sure you never lose eye contact with the client.

Free Up Cognitive Field

Timeqube shows remaining therapy session time using the most intuitive colors and the marvel of human peripheral vision.

Forget clocks and countdowns. Focus on those who need your attention.

Lot of time
Half time
Wrap up

Integrate with your Calendar
or Use Manually

Google Calendar

If you schedule sessions using Google Calendar.

Outlook Calendar

If Outlook (incl. Outlook 365 and Teams) is your preferred scheduling platform.

1-Click Manual Mode

Not using either? 1-Click is all you need to start Timeqube's 50 minute or other custom timing.

That Day's Sessions in One Place

Every morning Timeqube shows you a handy list of all upcoming sessions for convenience.

Show Up
Ahead of Time

Timeqube Online offers a unified notification with 1-click joining button regardless of meeting platform.

  • Auto-Join option to open call automatically
  • Always open call in the right Chrome profile
  • Quickly copy and send links to your clients

Select Your Favorite Corner

You can place Timeqube Online in any corner of the screen and on any external monitor. Only you know where your peripheral vision is most effective.

Try It For 14 Days

Timeqube Online is available for Windows and Mac computers.

Please select your operating system (Mac 10.15+, Windows 10+)

Need an Integration?

Are you using proprietary systems to schedule your sessions? Let us know, so we can integrate with them!

Meanwhile, try out the manual mode and launch the timer with 1-click manually. Here's how to do it

Simple Plan
€ 5.90
after 14-Day free trial
  • Google Integration
  • MS Teams/O365 Integration
  • Support for Zoom,Meet,Teams
  • 1-Click join function
14 Day trial. No credit card required