Timekeeping Meets

Timeqube is a stress-free timer for individuals, teams, event organisers and trainers.

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Bye Countdowns.
Welcome Colors.

Timeqube uses cognitive science with human perpiheral vision to show remaining time stress-free. Right on your computer desktop.

Lot of time
Half time
Wrap up

Online, There Is No Time To Waste.

Remote Teams

To keep team members engaged and loop-in the introverts

Use cases

Online Event Organisers

To keep speakers aware of remaining time and audiences engaged.

Use cases

Trainers & Coaches

To avoid running overtime during sessions.

Use cases

On everyone's desktop.
In full sync

Timeqube is a beautiful desktop timer that can be remotely controlled by an organiser. Manage unlimited connected timers with one click.

Give Open-Mic to attendees

Grant Voice feature lets organisers indicate time-bound talk time to a connected participant. Perfect for speaker management.

  • Keep introverts in the loop
  • Do timeboxed rounds with the team
  • Inner circle shows remaining open-mic time

Use with Any Video Conferencing Software

Timeqube floats above all other applications. You can easily hide it in the dock and it will return to its place once organiser starts the meeting.

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